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Zeroin academy is Chennai’s top professional baking academy with over 4 years of valuable experience. Your dream of baking is our hearty passion. Our exciting baking courses are for anybody! From basic level to advanced level, our training experts impart you with the latest industry knowledge and trends, making you a thorough professional. Join Zeroin academy today and get set to become a baking pro!

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2 Weeks Extensive Baking Classes

This course is for everyone with a desire to learn baking from scratch and for those who wants to improve their baking skills so that they can take it to the next level..

4 Weeks Professional Bakery and Confectionery Course
Zeroin Academy’s 4 weeks Certification Course is focussed on students acquiring a wide spectrum of pastry concepts and practical knowledge in the short span of just a few weeks.

Advance Cake Decorating Classes

Week Day Baking Class Coming Soon...

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Cake Classes in Chennai
Best Baking Classes in Chennai
Best Baking Classes in Chennai
Baking Classes in Chennai
Professional Bakery Classes in Chennai
Baking Classes in Chennai
Cake Baking Classes
Cake Classes in Chennai


Baking Classes in Chennai


Snippet about 'BAKING'

Baking is one of the most elegant professions in the world. It is a job which everyone will fall in love for. Due to the numerous baking methods and innovative products, baking has become an art of creativity. Baking's key ingredient is of course the 'oven.' We can’t literally utter the baking without it says Cake Baking Classes in Chennai. Baking didn’t start just now. It dates far back to 300 BC in Ancient Greece which was flourished during the Roman Empire.

ART of baking

Now, Baking has become a hobby and even a career option for many. It is indeed a respected profession as it requires a large number of skill sets including mathematics, general knowledge, creativity, passion and most admirable one is patience. So, in order to practice and own this art form one requires great attention to shape out the best form of it. Learning this art may not require a degree. But it is essential for the baker to master the technical skills.Get to learn Baking classes in Chennai and know how's of baking.

Baking can be a deliberative activity. It starts with an purpose of mindfulness, how you feel and how you make others feel.

Art of baking has the best secret as science and events. With the right knowledge and skill anyone can become a professional baker. Baking is for all! Baking Classes in Chennai Velachery cover the basics, and introduce more innovative baking techniques and methods.

FUN FACT: German chocolate cake has nothing to do with Germany. It was derived from a man named Samuel German, who was an employee of an American chocolate company

How to Master the skill

Learning the baking art is a good experience. But learning from the best is indeed a wonderful experience. So, this is where we hop in to hold your hand and travel along you till you become a pro.

Getting into the skill set you learn. Zeroin Academy Professional Bakery Classes in Chennai basically train you in the following yummy delicious dishes. Our sessions include:

  • Basics of Baking
  • Details on Dough and Fillings
  • Cake Baking
  • Muffins
  • Brownie
  • Cupcake

Basics of Baking

Learn all the basics of baking with the help of our professionals. First step might not always end up a tasty fluffy one. But practice and patience makes you a pro.
Get to know more..

Here are the top pro tips in baking:

  • Always have the correct consistency of butter
  • Room Temperature is KEY
  • Always read the recipe in full before beginning
  • Always have your ingredients prepared
  • Learn how to measure
  • Weigh your ingredients
  • Get an oven thermometer
  • Keep your oven door closed
  • Chill your cookie dough
  • Now the final tip might surprise you. Store the leftover cookies with a piece of bread to keep them extra soft.

Dough and Fillings

We will teach you all the techniques relating to Dough and Fillings. Those include:
Baking in batches | Adding eggs, one at a time | Beating egg whites | Boiling | Chilling | Cooling cookies | Creaming | Cutting in | Cutting into bars | Docking | Doneness | Filling a pastry bag | Folding | Freezing cookie dough | Greasing a pan | Leveling (smoothing) the crust | Lining a pan | Melting chocolate | Piping | Rolling out | Rolling into a ball | Separating eggs | Scooping cookie dough | Scraping the bowl | Shaping batter cookies | Shipping cookies | Slice and bake | Sifting flour | Storing cookies | Straining unsweetened cocoa | Stir | Sugar syrups | Toasting nuts.

FUN FACT: In the Middle Ages, the word cake meant a flat round of bread baked hard on both sides

Cake Baking Class

We conduct the best Cake Baking Classes in Velachery. The cake baking process includes learning how to make:
Fresh cream cake | Vanilla sponge cake | Chocolate sponge cake | Toppings and | fillers | Icing | Piping | Decoration | Presentation.


We train you to make muffins and their toppings. The delicious muffins and the colorful toppings will melt your heart.
  • Making a great Muffin includes the following steps:
  • Don’t over mix the recipes
  • Fill muffin cups only a fraction of the way
  • Do not use electric mixer
  • Keep your pantry stocked
  • Use your imagination to fill the batter
  • Before baking, sprinkle them with sugar or cinnamon sugar
  • Split leftover muffins in half, butter it, and place under broiler for couple of minutes.
  • Reheating in a microwave will make them quickly soggy

Use your imagination when it comes to toppings. It can be anything. Yes, true. ANYTHING!

Banana | Black Raspberry | Caramel Praline | Chocolate | Chocolate Brownies | Choco Cherry | Chocolate Chip | Chocolate Custard | Coffee | Cookies & Dough | Cotton Candy | French Vanilla | Apple | Kulfi | Lavender Honey | Lemon | Cookie | Lychee | Marshmallow | Masala Chai | Belgium Chocolate |Mint Chocolate Chip | Mocha Almond Fudge | Peppermint Chip | Pistachio Almond | Rainbow Sherbet | Rose | Saffron | Salty Caramel | Strawberry | Sweet Coconut | Swiss Mocha | Thin Mints | Toasted Almond | Vanilla Bean | White Chocolate | Sorbets | Lemon Sorbet | Mango | Raspberry Sorbet |Orange Ice.


With the help of our professionals learn to make lip smacking brownies.
  • Hazelnut Brownies
  • Cakey Brownies
  • German Chocolate Brownies
  • Black and White Brownies
  • Mocha Brownies
  • Black Forest Brownies
  • Milk Chocolate Brownies and much more


One thing great about the cupcakes is that you only need few basic skills, tools and ingredients to make delicious cupcakes that suits for any occasion.
Equipment needed:
  • Mini and regular cupcake pans
  • Paper baking cups (variety of colors and prints)

That’s all you need. You are good to go.

Frosting Tip:

Dip the top of the cupcakes very carefully in the frosting and give it a slight twist and then remove slowly. Finish off with the help of knife for the swirl if required. Then again dip the frosted cupcakes into sprinkles, bowls of nuts and colored sugar for easy decorating.

Storage Tip:

Keep the Muffins in an airtight container at room temperature for 5 days maximum. It won't get soggy. It can also be frozen, then unfreeze it at room temperature.
FUN FACT: The world record for cupcake eating is 72 in six minutes and was set by Patrick Bertoletti in 2012

Now you can train yourself to be a professional baker with comprehensive Baking Courses in Chennai offered by Zeroin Academy.

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