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Ever seen a beautiful cake decoration and wondered how it was possible? All the credit will go to the fondant. It is that smooth layer on top that brings out the beauty of the cake. Ok! So what is this fondant? If you have been to any baking institute in Chennai, you might have seen the bakers creating shapes or draping a clay-like layer on top of the cake. That is fondant! This blog post will outline the problems with fondant and give tips on how to fix them. 

A beginner would have slight trouble with baking in general. But, fondant can give a hard time to some. But, there are simple remedies that can solve this problem. 

Preventing Cracks in the fondant

1 – Don’t apply fondant directly!

Yeah, we agree. You may want to instantly decorate the cake the moment it is out of the oven. Applying fondant right away would not give the result you want. It will lead to cracks, air bubbles, and drying. Experts from the best baking classes in Chennai suggest covering the cake with buttercream before adding the fondant layer. The buttercream will add moisture which will keep the fondant together.

2 – Check the fondant 

Sometimes, the fondant might not be up to the mark, and this will cause you trouble while you move forward with the baking. Before you decorate, ensure that the fondant does not have any air bubbles, and the thickness should be what the recipe wants. No rough patches should be present. Once you address every imperfection shared above, then the fondant is good to go!

3 – Made the fondant? Use it immediately!

No baking courses in Chennai would ever tell their trainees to let the fondant sit for a while. It is because the fondant will harden and start cracking after some time. Hence, plan your baking procedure so that you get to use the fondant immediately after it is rolled. 

4 – Dry fondant 

In some cases, the fondant may be dry after you have rolled it. If you happen to encounter this problem, there is no need to worry. Professional bakers from the best baking classes in Velachery give you a wonderful idea. Gently rub the whole surface of the fondant with vegetable oil. 

Patching up a cracked fondant

There are a few steps you can do if you observe cracks in the fondant after applying it to the cake.

1 – Patch it up with Oil

Similar to one of the steps shared above, dip your fingers or the icing knife in Oil and gently coat on the cracked region. Do not use water as it will melt the fondant and would only do the opposite of what you are expecting. 

2 – Cover the crack with a design element

Sometimes, no matter what you do, the problem seems to stay right there as it is! But, the professionals in the best cake baking classes in Velacheryhave a tip for that as well. Just take out your design plan and see if any elements can come on top of the crack and also look great. Adjust the design accordingly and the crack instantly goes away!

Following these tips would surely pave the way for good cake decoration. Happy decorating!

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