The essential baking tools you need!

Home bakers may not have the luxury of using sophisticated tools and machinery during their baking process. It is a given that such tools enable the bakers to produce A-grade baking products but, a home baker can come close to that quality by making simple elementary additions to their kitchen.

Bakers who are just beginning at any Baking Classes in Chennai and trying to grasp all the knowledge of baking may find the tools strange! They feel the pressing weight of having to choose from a wide range of equipment and their different sizes.

This article highlights all the essential baking tools you need to start the baking process on a strong footing.

1 – Digital Weighing scale

The outcome of the baking is heavily dependent on this tool. A digital weighing scale is very integral to successful baking and is a must-have product in a baker’s kitchen. Since proportion matters in any cooking process, the digital scale will help in measuring the quantities accurately.

2 – Measuring jars and spoons

This tool helps to measure all liquid ingredients. Measuring jars of sizes 1 to ¼ are frequently used in cooking. Also, adding measuring spoons of size ½ to the list would prove beneficial and save a lot of stress during the baking process.

3 – Mixing bowls

Instead of using the conventional utensils at our home, mixing bowls like the ones you would probably see in any Cake Making Classes in Chennai, is a more efficient and professional way to mix the ingredients. Stainless steel and glass mixing bowls can be used, while Aluminium must be avoided. There are possibilities of these ingredients reacting with the material and causing changes in the taste.

4 – Wooden spoons

Stirring can be tough while using an inappropriate tool. Amateur cooks who have not attended any Baking Courses in Chennai, tend to use stainless steel spatulas on a non-stick pan which is a grave mistake. To avoid damages to the utensils and make the baking easier, wooden spoons are a perfect choice. They are sturdy and durable. It makes the handling of thick dough easy.

5 – Pastry Brush

All finishing touches to the cooking are made possible and mess-free because of a pastry brush. They come in hand when the baker wants to coat the top of the pastries with a creamy, delicious layer of an egg wash. It is also helpful in greasing the pan or the tray with butter before baking.

6 – Wire Whisk

Eggs are a primary ingredient in any baking process. They are often beaten to a nice, creamy liquid with the help of a fork but this method would cause problems when the quantity increases. This can be avoided by using a wire whisk to beat the eggs in large amounts. A 10 or 11-inch wire whisk is the perfect size for all beginners.

7 – Pastry and cookie cutters

The shape of the cookies you bake can speak much of your baking expertise. Bakers who have been a part of the Best Baking Classes in Chennai would probably have pastry and cookie cutters. They help to get the perfect shape while cooking. It comes in a range of geometrical shapes. Round cutters would be the best for a beginner.

8 – Offset spatulas

The frosting of a cake can be a painstaking procedure without this tool. An offset spatula has a flat metal blade that helps to spread the icing on top of the cake evenly.  

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