The Different Ways To Bake A Cake!

Baking a cake is nothing but magic with a whole lot of science in it. This skill comes in handy during special occasions in your family. Be it an anniversary or a birthday party. The cake takes the spotlight in all of those events. If you have been a part of any one of the Bakery Classes In Chennai, you may know how to bake one. However, most people forgot that there are different ways to bake a cake.

If you follow the ingredients as it is, you can make a successful cake. However, that is alone not enough to make it extraordinary. Here are some methods that you can use to bake a good cake.

1 – The creaming technique

This method will be the first thing that you will learn in Cake Making Classes in Chennai. Most of the baking starts off by beating butter and sugar until it changes both texture and color. Once this process is complete, then all the other wet ingredients blend along with the rest. Flour and baking soda enter last into this mixture. In this method, there is one thing to need to take care of. When you add the eggs to the blend, the mixture might thicken in lumps—curdling is its technical name if we must say. 

2 – The ‘Rub’ technique     

Even though this method may seem messy at first, the result is worth it! If you are currently a student in any one of the Baking Classes In Chennai Velachery, you would know a thing or two about this way of baking a cake. To those who are fairly new to this task, it is nothing but rubbing the fat into the flour with your fingertips. By this technique, you would get a fine crumb-like texture. Ensure that you do not keep rubbing it once all the wet ingredients are introduced. If you do so, there are chances that the output will become dense and thick.

3 – Whisking technique

If you want to have something of low fat, this method is for you! In this technique, there is no raising agent like baking powder to puff up the batter. As the name suggests, the mixture is thoroughly whisked to introduce air. Like most of the baking process, the eggs and the sugar go first. Then the dry ingredients are sifted and made into batches by folding them with the mixture. Most of the Cake Baking Classes In Velachery suggest that the batter should be folded until you see no more of the flour. 

4 – The melting technique

Nothing is better than a moist, juicy cake, right? That is what you get when you follow this method to bake one. You may have used this method to bake a fruitcake or a chocolate cake at the Best Baking Classes in Chennai. We do not whisk or beat the mixture in this method. Therefore, a raising agent like baking powder is used. The butter and the eggs are melted in a pot. Later, the eggs come into the picture. And most important of all, do not forget the baking powder!

These are the 4 different ways that you can use to bake a cake. Well, we do not restrict you to this list. You may very well experiment further—after all, baking is a fun activity!

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