Must have Cake Decorating tools for bakers!

Yes! We all agree that no one can resist a cake. It is no doubt the favorite of anyone irrespective of their age. But, do you know what makes the cake appealing? You are wrong if you say, ‘It’s the taste!’ No. The look of the cake is the sole reason to make people try your cake. Taste comes after. Because the way you deliver it gains more importance than what you deliver. Many Cake Making Classes in Chennai teaches aspiring bakers the right way to decorate the cake. The simple fact that they spend enough time on this topic proves its role in the bakery business.

But, to decorate the cake, you must have some essential tools. It will help you improve your proficiency as a baker. Well, let us get into the topic.

1 – Cake turntable

When it comes to shopping for baking tools, this must be at the top of the list. Even if you forget everything else, keep this in mind. All the Cake Baking Classes in Chennai label this tool as a must-have for bakers. Think turntable as a stand with a round rotating head. You take away most of the stress in cake decorating when you use it. The turntable gives you a firm platform to keep the cake. The rotating head allows you to decorate all sides without having to move your whole body.

2 – Scraper

Your finish may look messy if you do not use a scraper to smoothen it out. There might be some rough edges or uneven frosting on the cake. Use this tool rather than your hands (which is highly not recommended of course!) to level the cake on all sides. It will help you give a professional finish at the end.

3 – Spatula 

Get a straight and an offset spatula at first. You can progress to other shapes or sizes later in your baking journey. They come in handy when you start icing or try to level the cake. Use the straight spatula for the sides and the other for the top and center. 

4 – Bakeware set

You might have seen fancy cooking set at one of those Baking Classes in Chennai. This set will help you make cake in different shapes and sizes. It can improve the look of the cake and add a professional touch to it.

5 – Cake Leveler 

The first step in making a cake would be to slice the layers. When you slice it, the layers might not be a perfect cut. It will affect the rest of the work if you do not see to it. Therefore, a cake leveler will give you even layers. You can cut multiple thin layers easily with them if you wish to make a two or more tiered cake. 

6 – Piping bags and nozzles

Have you ever envied the patterns and designs on the cake? Well, those bakers use piping nozzles and bags to create such artworks. You need to pick the right set of nozzles to suit your work. You can also enhance the beauty of your cake with this tool. If you were a part of any Baking Courses in Chennai it becomes easier for you.

With these tools, your baking becomes a piece of cake! (Pun intended) 

Happy baking!

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