Learn To Bake Cakes Yourself

Do you have the passionate desire for learning the art of baking and becoming a thorough professional baker one day? Then you must learn to bake a delicious cake from the best baking professionals to unleash your true potential and talent. Baking is a simple, beautiful, and rewarding process. Right from mixing all the ingredients in the bowl to decorating, the entire baking process is simply heartwarming.

The best Baking Classes in Chennai teach you the most important things that you need to keep in mind while baking is the proportion of ingredients and the method of baking that you are going to adopt. Having said that it’s essential to list down your ingredients, the key ingredients for baking any cake include all-purpose flour, eggs, baking soda, vanilla essence, butter, powdered sugar, and milk. Next, you need to mix butter and sugar and then blend with beaten eggs. Preparing a tasty and simple homemade sponge cake is your first step in the journey of baking. Once you have effectively completed the first step you need to combine it with the flour mix and a pinch of baking soda. Slowly, add this to the egg mixture. You can skip and not add the entire milk if you feel the consistency of the cake is nearly good and it flows down more or less like canned condensed milk. Add a few drops of vanilla essence & mix the mixture well. Vanilla essence is essential to camouflage the smell of eggs and give a distinct flavor to the mixture. It’s baking time now! 

It will effectively avoid the cake sticking to the base of the container. You can also choose to line it up with a thin butter paper. Now you have to pour the entire mixture into the container and place it on a stand in a pressure cooker. Increase the flame of the stove gradually and pressure cook the mixture for up to up to two to three minutes. It’s time to take off the whistle from the pressure cooker and cook on a lower degree flame for 35-40 minutes. In case you prefer using a microwave oven, bake at 180 degrees for up to 35-40 minutes. And voila! Your super delicious cake is now ready to serve and relish. Follow these simple tips to enjoy your homemade cake. Cake Baking Classes in Chennai equip you with the latest industry tips and techniques for you to make those perfect cakes. 

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