How To Fix Cake Decoration Mistakes?

What is the best thing apart from baking a cake? It’s decorating one! No cake is left without any decorations. This part is the breeding ground for the baker’s creativity. They have all sorts of elements at their disposal to create an appealing cake. After all, before anyone takes a bite, the look of the cake makes them want to have it in the first place. If anyone feels difficulty with decorating a cake, professional bakery courses in Chennai will share helpful tips on how to fix cake decoration mistakes.

In this blog post, we will look into some of the practical problems that you might commit while you start decorating your first batch of cake. 

1 – Air bubbles

The first thing that a baker would experience is air bubbles. A baker would never want to get one of these as they can give you quite a hard time while laying the icing. When you knead the icing, some air would get trapped in it. If left untreated, it will go on to cause tears and holes in the icing. As a result, you would not get even layers. Whenever you see an air bubble, ensure that you pop them with a scriber and smoothen the paste with a rolling pin.

2 – Not chilling the cake layers

If you have been a part of the baking classes in Velachery, you would know this. To those who are unaware, here’s something for you. Chill the cake for about one hour before you start decorating it. You will then find out that cold cakes are more friendly to decorate than warm cakes.

3 – Uneven cake layers

We all know how a strong foundation is vital for sturdy construction. Amateur bakers may overlook the importance of even layers. If they do not pay attention to the smoothness of the layers, it will come back as a big problem when they attempt to stack them on top of each other. This step would sabotage the ones to follow. Therefore, take a knife and slice off any uneven bumps on the surface. It will help you to form a neat base layer to create the rest of the cake. 

4 – Warm frosting

Many cake baking classes in Velachery would not suggest using warm frosting. When the frosting is not at room temperature, it will be runny. Therefore, you would not get a sharp finish for the cake. The liquid-like consistency of the frosting can cause the cake to bulge and loosen up the cake layers.

5 – Consistency of the frosting

Not just in baking, consistency is essential for cooking in general. The buttercream that you use for frosting should be in the correct texture and consistency. If it becomes too soft, then the decorations would melt and droop all over the cake. If you were to attend any baking courses in Chennai, you might learn a tip to fix this. Adding powdered sugar will bring it to the right level of softness that you want.

On the other hand, if the frosting is too thick, then you may face some difficulty in making the frosting spread on the surface of the cake. 

Doing all the above steps will definitely give you a perfect foundation to pitch in your creativity for decorating the cake. If you want to learn the nuances of baking, join our baking institute in Chennai today!

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