How to choose baking pans? – And not have to worry about them later!

A baker’s tools are as important as the skills of the baker. In baking, it is even more true. Every process in successful baking includes one or more equipment to achieve that effect. Even seasoned bakers do not let go of tools altogether. That is how essential baking accessories are to achieving quality baking results.

If you are a part of any Cake Baking Classes in Chennai, you might have heard them talking about baking pans at length. After reading this post, we assure you that you will know how to choose baking pans and not worry about them later! 

1 – Material 

This factor is the single most important point to consider while purchasing baking pans. There are different materials like Silicone, Glass, Metal, and more. The choice that needs to be made determines what you can cook or cannot cook with it as the utility varies across pans.


All Baking Classes in Chennai suggest using Metal as it is a suitable choice to start the baking journey. They are generally made with Aluminum which is a great conductor of heat and lasts longer. On the other hand, anodized Aluminum is a step higher than ordinary metal baking pans. This material is sturdy and is prone to acidic reactions with ingredients like lemon and buttermilk.


Glass is on the other end of the spectrum as Metal. It is a poor conductor of heat and retains heat for much longer than metal pans. It is the reason why most bakers end up scorching the edges of the dessert baked on a glass pan.

So, if the recipe does not ask for a specific material, it is good to go with Metal baking pans.

2 – Thickness

You can find one or more layers of insulation in baking pans at the stores. There are no rules set on stone for picking the desired thickness. Pans with thin layers will be economical and feel light to use. But, it has a downside because such pans do not last long and you cannot rely on them to conduct heat more evenly.

As the layers increase, so do the durability and the heat retention capacity of the baking pans. Most of the Best Baking Classes in Chennai prefer to use thick pans because they work wonders in the long run.

3 – Finish 

There are two types of pans: One with a non-stick layer and the other without it. Most people would side with non-stick pans as the baked product can be easily scooped off the surface without much hassle. It will be a perfect choice as pans without the non-stick layer can give you a tough time unless you use parchment paper for the lining.

4 – Light or Dark color pans? 

If we were to venture into science for a moment, we will know that dark colors absorb more heat than light colors. In the case of dark color pans, they first cook the outer rim and the bottom layer, leaving the center mass undercooked. If you wait for the center to cook, then you will end up with charred edges. 

Therefore, all Baking Courses in Chennai prefer light color pans as they offer even heat distribution and efficient baking.

Now that you know what to consider before buying baking pans, ensure that you remember this on your next purchase!

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