Different Piping Techniques To Decorate A Cake

Baking is an art that makes you feel relaxed. Yes, truly baking is a bliss! The cake is always the center of attraction on every occasion. Imagine decorating the cake with lovely 

flowers and sparkling stars! It’s like a cherry on top! There are many baking classes in Chennai that offer training for piping as well as baking. Here are some techniques from basic swirl to piping flowers on borders that make you feel like a pro.

Piping a dot:

It is an easy and foremost technique taught in cake making classes in Chennai. It serves as a perfect border and simple decoration for your cake. For this technique, you need a round decorating tip of desired size. Then, gently squeeze the bag on the surface of the cake. There is your perfect dot. If you notice any extras after pulling out, you may dip your finger in the cornstarch and tap it down to smooth it.

Piping a star: 

It is stunning and a grand decorative technique one can start. It can be done on a simple cupcake or used as borders to fill the large character cake. Place the star tip into the piping bag and squeeze gently on top of the cake. Now, slowly pull out the bag while squeezing to make those shining stars. 

Piping a swirl:

It is a perfect topping for cupcakes, pies, cakes, and cookies. This technique needs the tip 2A or tip 2D for a different look and texture. Now, squeeze the piping bag to form the center of the swirl. Without releasing the pressure, move your hand slightly to the side. It is known as the starting line. Pipe the line to the top of the star in a circular motion until you reach the starting line. Repeat the process till you reach the desired height. Isn’t it simple? So grab the bag and get going.

Piping a Rosette:

Every baker’s dream is to decorate their cake with those lovely flowers, and it is an easy way to decorate your desserts as well. Traditionally, star tips were used, but many cake classes in Chennai use drop flower tips for different petal effects. The technique involved is similar to swirling. Squeeze the bag at the center to form a star. Without releasing much pressure slightly move to the side and pipe a line to reach the star top in a semi-circular motion. 

Piping a seashell:

Seashell piping is done around the cake often and can be used to make hearts and flowers. The star tip 21 is used to make shells around the cake for classic borders and texture. To pipe a sea shell the icing should have a medium consistency. The piping bag should be held very closely and squeeze a generous amount of cream on the cake. Gradually release the pressure at the same time pulling out the bag towards you until the tip reaches the surface.

Therefore, these techniques can take your cake-making to the next level. If you are passionate about baking and decorating them you can always achieve it with many professional bakery courses in Chennai.

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