Beginner Tips To Make A Fluffy Sponge Cake

New bakers learn patience more than anything while they start with baking. That is what this process will teach them. This skill pays off when you have a birthday party at home, and you can bake a cake with your own hands. You would also be a part of cake making classes in Chennai to hone your skills. People who are new to this would face some minor challenges while they prepare their first batch. In this post, we will share some beginner tips to make a fluffy sponge cake.

In the technical sense, any recipe that does not have baking powder or soda but lots of eggs and cream is known as sponge cake. We will now learn the nuances of making a perfect sponge cake!

1 – Temperature of the ingredients

This tip applies to any baking task. Getting the temperature right will go a long way in giving you the perfect sponge cake. Ensure that the eggs and flour are at room temperature while the butter is lukewarm. It will give the correct texture to the cake. Also, change the oven temperature as the recipe directs you.

2 – Beating the eggs in the right manner

Eggs and flour are the two main elements that make up a cake. Therefore, any inconsistencies would not produce the result that you wish. When you improperly beat the eggs, the cake will become heavy and dense. If you are a student in any one of the baking classes in Chennai Velachery, you might know this technique. Mix one-third of the eggs into the butter-sugar mixture and beat it on an electronic blender.

3 – Folding the flour

You need to incorporate just enough air into the flour to make the cake soft and fluffy. When you fold, practice caution. Make a number ‘8’ motion and do not mix them more than it is needed since it will remove the air and turn the cake dense.

4 – Substitute Oil for butter

Most of the cake classes in Chennai suggest using Oil instead of butter. It will break down the gluten in the flour since more gluten will make the cake sticky. Therefore, when the oil combines with the protein in the wheat ingredients, your cake will turn out moist. On a similar note, you can also use buttermilk for baking soda as they work with the same effect.

5 – Sifting the flour

In all bakery classes in Chennai, you would observe that the bakers will first sift the flour. This step makes the mixture lighter and adds air to it. Sifting is very effective in making the cake fluffy and soft.

6 – Frosting time

There is always a right time to do a thing. Never start frosting the moment the cake is out of the oven. Let the cake cool down and then frost it. This tip will certainly make the cake soft.

7 – Use sugar syrup

Want the best tip to give your cake the moisture it needs? The experts at professional baking classes in Chennai suggest adding sugar syrup before you start frosting the cake. 

Follow these tips to get a soft, fluffy sponge cake. Happy Baking!

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