Baking Substitutes You Need To Know!

Every baker knows ingredients are the key to successful baking. Everything needs to be in the perfect order and quantity to give you what you desire. Your skills would only get you so far without the right set of elements beside you. However, there may be times when you cannot find the ingredient you need the most. And then the inevitable happens. The baking comes to a standstill.

If this sounds like your situation, here are some baking substitutes you need to know, as suggested by Professional Bakery Courses In Chennai

This post would help you in finding alternatives. You may never have to put a stop to your baking just because you are unable to find the perfect ingredient. 

Cake flour Alternative

On the day that you are out of Cake flour or choose to avoid it for some reason of your own—here is a simple solution for you. Most Cake Baking Classes in Chennai advise you to substitute all-purpose flour for cake flour in the ratio of 1:1. Then add 2 tablespoons of cornstarch powder to the flour. It will produce glutens that make the crumbs feel lighter and give you a similar texture to the cake made with Cake flour.

Leaveners: Baking Soda Alternative

If the stock of your baking soda is over, there is an easy switch that you can make. Baking powder! Since it is made out of the former ingredient, baking powder is almost similar to baking soda. You may not have to alter the proportions. Although, the Best Baking Classes in Chennai suggest you add three parts of the powder to one part of baking soda (3:1 ratio). Since baking powder has salt, reduce salt that you might add later in the recipe.

Leaveners: Baking Powder Alternative

Add about a half teaspoon of cream of Tartar along with ¼ portions of Baking Soda. On occasions, if you lack the former ingredient, you may switch to citric-based solutions such as vinegar or lemon juice. That being so, add one teaspoon of that acidic liquid to the ingredient.

Butter Alternative

We all know butter is one of the key ingredients for baking a great cake. If you were to find yourself in the situation of lacking it, there is no need to worry! Professional Baking Classes In Chennai recommend using Coconut or vegetable oil instead of butter. That is not the end. You can also use yogurt and a cup of applesauce.

Milk Alternative

Out of Milk? You may as well use any other dairy products that you have at home. Sour cream or yogurt will do good. 

Buttermilk Alternative

On days that you miss Buttermilk, all Cake Classes In Chennai prefer Milk and lemon. Mix both of them to get that tinge of sourness. Otherwise, as a callback to the previous point, you can use yogurt in place of milk and add a teaspoon of lemon.

Eggs Alternative

Eggs are another major ingredient in baking a cake. So, instead of eggs, you may use these alternatives. Blend two teaspoons of baking powder, one teaspoon of vegetable oil, and finally, add water to the mix. This alternative will be the same as one large egg.

Ah! Now you do not have to worry about key ingredients running low. But, keep in mind the alternatives will not exactly mimic the real thing!

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