Baking brownies—What could go wrong and how to solve them?

Every time you bake, it is an adventure. It is what makes a Sunday with family more delicious and fun. Getting all the recipes right and finally taking the pan from the oven is indeed a heavenly feeling. The smell of the freshly baked dessert in the air makes everything colorful.

Of all the baking items, brownies hold a special place for most people. The reason? It is simple to cook, takes less than an hour, and above all, it is fudgy and yummy! Baking Courses in Chennai takes you through all the procedures required to get the best results out of your brownie expedition! Why you might require professional assistance—at least at the beginning? Brownies are easy but sometimes simplicity is hard to get and that is what this is! They can give you a hard time no matter its easy steps. Here are common brownie mistakes and how you can solve them.

Choose the recipe wisely!

The first step is to ensure picking the correct recipe because this lays the foundation for everything that follows! Brownies have different consistencies and not everyone likes the same thing. Some are frosty and resemble a clake while others are soft, spongy, and fudgy. Decide what you need and choose an appropriate recipe to get the desired consistency.

Ensure you mix ingredients perfectly

All Cake Baking Classes in Chennai will stress this one factor—Mix ingredients properly. This holds true for cooking in general as well. The way you blend all the ingredients affects the taste, color, and consistency. After you add the key ingredients (Flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and chocolate), ensure you mix them until a faint yellow color comes out. Keep an eye on the level of flour you add. Generally, brownies do not take much flour. Too much of it will make the brownies dry and stale. Mixing the batter more than needed will make the brownies lighter—which is good if you want that consistency. Otherwise, mix it accordingly till the flour is vaguely seen. 

The problem of overbaking!

Everything that you have done up until this point, can fall apart in this crucial step—Baking! The temperature of your oven and the cooking time ultimately affects the outcome for the good or bad. Follow everything by the books. 

Decide with a toothpick for the correct consistency. If the toothpick returns a little bit of moist cream, it is the right time to stop baking for soft, fudgy brownies. If you want the cake-like ones, wait until the toothpick returns little crumbs.

Choosing the wrong utensils

Anyone who’s been a part of the Best Baking Classes in Chennai would have heard this advice many times. Using the wrong dish can make a simple cooking recipe harder! Glass utensils make it difficult to bake brownies and you will probably end up with raw or uneven brownies. But, if you use dark utensils, they take more heat and put you on the other side of the spectrum which is—burnt brownies! Hence, soft-colored metal pans work best.


All Baking Classes in Chennai would suggest giving the appropriate time required for the brownies to bake. Apart from the patience required for all the baking procedures, you need to wait until the right time to cut out your brownies. Let them cook for some time or you may even consider putting them in the freezer for precisely cut, yummy brownies!

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