5 Baking tips and tricks

There is not a better smell than freshly baked cakes made at your home. In your family, all are like the cake and complimenting you on the delicious taste. But they don’t know how long it takes to give those delicious cakes. And they also don’t know how much effort you put in to make it. You don’t need to be a master baker, but you should know some methods and techniques to bake a cake. Here there are 5 tips that will save your time and efforts.

Icing: Icing is the important step to bake a perfect cake, it will be concerned with the decoration of a cake. In the recipe, they give tips to make delicately piped flowers and a sweet message in swirls of colored icing. If you don’t have an icing piping bag, you can simply grab the plastic sandwich bag, fill it with icing, cut a tiny corner out of it and then use this to ice the cake. This is an immediate piping bag and it will be easily disposable one. There is no extra washing up.

Dough: If you don’t have a rolling pin. Don’t worry, simply use a wine bottle that has been washed and lightly greased to roll out your dough.

Burnt goodies: It looks like a complete disaster, it makes the bottom that is looking good enough to eat. The awesome taste and great look will give more happiness to your family. A simply lightly running the charred ends over a cheese grater will remove the burnt layer and restored your treats.

Dry cakes and hard sugar: When you find the cake becomes dry and hard when you cut it? Prevent this by placing a slice of bread on top of your cake until you are ready to ice it. Bread’s use in the kitchen doesn’t stop there. It will prevent the sugar from caking and get hard in its container, store it with a slice of bread.

Soft baking margarine: Most recipes call for room temperature butter or margarine,  but it is not possible when you decided to bake at the last minute. It will melt into a consistency that is not ideal for baking, place your block of margarine under a heated glass. Now, these tips will help to bake without worries and saves your time. If you want to know more tips refer the following links Baking Classes in Chennai, Chocolate cake Baking in Chennai.

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